The 6 Best Independent Eyewear Brands Of 2024

Are you looking for sleek, stylish, and comfortable eyeglasses that exude exceptional craftsmanship and modern fashion? Independent luxury eyewear brands are known for creating durable, lightweight, and elegant frames that will elevate your daily look.

Eyeglasses aren't just a means to enhance your vision. These fashionable accessories also allow you to see and be seen by artfully blending functionality and design.

At a Glance

  1. Jacques Marie Mage: Limited-edition eyewear that puts a fresh, modern spin on classic styles.
  2. Barton Perreira: Elegant frames that feature a highly appealing fit, finish, and feel.
  3. MYKITA: Lightweight, playful, and modern German eyewear made with quality materials and a zeitgeist appeal.
  4. Caroline Abram: The eclectic colors and exquisite details of these attractive frames showcase heartfelt passion and feminine energy.
  5. EYEVAN 7285: Japanese-designed minimalistic frames with a sophisticated feel.
  6. ic! berlin: Gorgeous, exquisite frames that empower individuals to showcase their truest selves.

Keep reading to learn about the six best independent eyewear brands of 2024.

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#1. Jacques Marie Mage

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Jacques Marie Mage (J.M.M.) was founded in 2014 by Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, a Frenchman living in sunny Southern California. When Mage started his sunglasses line in 2015, no one wanted to invest in an unknown brand attempting to break into a saturated market. However, J.M.M. quickly became a well-established and celebrated name in the luxury eyewear industry, making waves with the undeniable personality infused in every handcrafted pair of eyeglasses.

Today, Jacques Marie Mage is easily regarded as one of the most innovative and luxurious brands on the market. The allure and mystique of J.M.M. eyeglasses stem from the unique story and luxurious style behind each set of frames.

J.M.M. frames are produced in Japan and undergo a meticulous 180-day fabrication process. Each style is produced in limited quantities, and a new release is made only once or twice a year. This adds to the exclusivity of these highly sought-after products.

Jacques Marie Mage's collection features a blend of classical style and a bold modern aesthetic. In an interview with Seen Opticians, Jerome Mage said, "...for me, it's not about nostalgia, it's about curiosity. It's about our common human history, our stories as human beings, the pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of the perfect pair of eyewear. That's what I'm interested in." Whether the design inspiration stems from literature, fashion, or history, people identify with the reliability and beauty of the brand.

A pair of Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses can do more than enhance your eyesight. These exclusive frames come in classic styles with bold details that allow you to feel empowered and confident. When you put these on, you'll feel (and look) like a rockstar!

#2. Barton Perreira

barton perreira cassady frames house function industry technology brand quality independent eyewear brand

When Bill Barton and Patty Perreira started Barton Perreira in 2007, they each brought an immense amount of experience, passion, and creativity to the table. Even from the start, they found immense success. Items from their first collection were sold directly to exclusive stores like Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Barton Perreira frames are handmade by skilled artisans in Japan using high-quality materials like Japanese titanium and zylonite acetate. Acetate frames are known for being extremely lightweight and highly durable. The inspiration for Barton Perreira's frames has been drawn from architecture, cars, fashion., and beyond. As modern trends come and go, the simplicity, balance, and timelessness of Barton Perreira frames last through the ages.

At Oculus Eyecare, we carry a wide selection of independent luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses, including countless pieces from Barton Perreira. Each Barton Perreira frame features an exceptional fit, finish, and feel.

Our best-selling frame is the Barton Perreira Cassady, a gorgeous style that reflects a remarkable level of attention to detail and longevity. It goes well with anyone and matches any personality!


mykita kiene glasses industry selection find designed set story find offer eyewear brand making find eyewear brand sustainability house

MYKITA is known internationally for their high-quality handmade eyeglasses and sunglasses. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2003 in a former kindergarten building called Kita, which inspired both the company's name and their culture of child-like curiosity and play.

In 2013, the first United States MYKITA shop opened in New York. The interior design concepts of MYKITA shops were developed by in-house architects and reflect the modern, refined aesthetic of their eyewear.

From its inception, MYKITA's eyewear reflected originality and specialized craftsmanship. MYKITA's first all-metal frame collection, dubbed Collection No1, was made from stainless steel and featured a hingeless design. Not long after, additional eyeglasses and sunglasses collections made from acetate and polyamide were launched.

In 2014, MYKITA moved their headquarters to a historic building situated in the center of Berlin Kreuzberg. Their team is made up of people with diverse cultural backgrounds and unique talents, ensuring that each product is crafted with impeccable quality and innovative style.

These comfortable and lightweight frames are available in-store at Oculus Eyecare, home of Seattle's top optometrist.

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#4. Caroline Abram

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Caroline Abram is a designer based in Paris, France, who took the world of fashionable eyewear by storm. Abram grew up in Senegal, West Africa, and went on to study optometry in France before opening her first eyewear accessory business in 1998. The accessories she designed, which included beaded chains and lorgnettes, were handcrafted by a group of women in Senegal.

Years later, Abram's passion for creative design and unique accessories compelled her to create eyeglass frames. The unique cat-eye shape of her frames differed from mainstream trends and easily caught the eye. Her items often featured vibrant colors and gorgeous details inspired by her diverse heritage and the colorful cultures of the Caribbean and Miami, Florida.

Caroline Abram's eyewear is known for its bold shapes, dazzling colors, and exquisite detailing. These frames are made with quality materials like silver, wood, and semi-precious stones. Though Abram's cat-eye frames are known for their innate feminine energy and vibrancy, there are also countless styles catered to men and children.

#5. EYEVAN 7285

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EYEVAN 7285 is one of a handful of independent eyewear brands that have been around for more than 50 years. In 1972, Yamamoto Bojin Megane Co., Ltd. established EYEVAN Inc. and started producing general optical eyeglass frames. The original concept was to create eyewear that also functioned as a fashion accessory.

In 1985, the brand made its debut in the United States and was an instant hit, drawing international recognition for its stunning styles and peak craftsmanship. In 2013, EYEVAN was re-launched under the name EYEVAN 7285. To this day, the brand has stayed true to its roots, completing all design and production of EYEVAN 7285 eyewear in Japan.

The minimalistic design of EYEVAN frames draws inspiration from old antiques, rich cultural history, and Japanese architecture. These frames continue to gain acclaim for their impeccable Japanese craftsmanship and diverse design, combining a vintage feel with sleek sophistication.

#6. ic! berlin

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Founded in 1996 by Ralph Anderl in Berlin, Germany, ic! berlin focuses on creating innovative, exceptional, and durable frames that are engineered to last. The rich history and cultural vibrancy of Berlin are ingrained in every frame crafted by this independent eyewear brand. In addition to eyewear, ic! berlin has expanded into fashion and was later acquired by Marcolin in November of 2023.

ic! berlin's mission is to empower individuals to be themselves. This ability comes from the freedom to express one's true self, a message that is reflected in each of their beautifully handcrafted frames. From the Aimee Sun protective glasses to the elegant Maloja frames, each piece is designed to be an outward representation of one's attitude, passion, and personality.

ic! berlin's team consists of talented craftsmen, engineers, and technicians who operate across 60 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. Their frames are made from lightweight yet long-lasting materials like acetate, titanium, stainless steel, and other synthetic and natural materials. ic! berlin is well-known in the eyewear industry for their iconic no-screw hinge design, which enhances the robust, featherlight build of their eyewear.

Final Thoughts

If you're searching for the perfect frames, independent eyewear brands can give you the comfort, confidence, and creativity you seek. Luxury eyewear can add a fashionable touch to an everyday look while showcasing your personality. These necessary accessories are an extension of your personality, allowing you to express yourself to the world around you.

At the heart of independent eyewear is a commitment to sustainability, function, and impeccable quality. Whether you're drawn toward the sleek sophistication of EYEVAN 7285 or the glamorous brilliance of Caroline Abram, these handmade frames are durable, sleek, and undeniably fashionable.

Though you can shop online for independent luxury eyewear, you can also schedule a personal styling appointment to discover the glasses that best suit you. At Oculus Eyecare, our team of experienced opticians will help you uncover the right frames for you. Appointments are encouraged, and walk-ins are welcome. Schedule your personal styling appointment here!

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