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Oculus Eyecare is the premier eye care provider serving Seattle, WA communities and residents. From specialty contact lenses to high-quality designer frames, we provide new patients and existing clients with the tools they need to see the world in a new light.

At Oculus Eyecare, we believe that every patient is unique. You deserve to see and be seen in a new way.

The key to newfound confidence lies in a seemingly simple pair of glasses—don't underestimate the impact that a fresh set of frames and corrected lenses can have on you. When you can see the world without restrictions, countless doors to new possibilities are opened.

We have hundreds of different designer frames and lenses available for patients and clients. For minimalists, we have a wide assortment of Barton Perreira frames. For travel enthusiasts, we have beautifully handmade products by Native Sons. This is just the beginning!

Why Choose Us For Your Annual Eye Exams?

Our team of highly trained doctors and professional staff ensure that every patient feels comfortable and cared for. We utilize state-of-the-art technology in order to provide our patients with excellent care, great service, and a positive experience.

Since our inception in 2013, Oculus Eyecare has focused on maintaining a modern approach to eye care. We keep up with recent advancements or technology updates in order to provide our patients with the highest quality service.

Our eye doctors, optometrists, lenscrafters, and opticians are knowledgeable experts who make your comfort and care a priority. They can answer any and all of your eye care questions, whether you're seeking relief for vision problems or curious about laser refractive surgery.

Unlike other optometry practices in Seattle, WA, Oculus Eyecare offers same-day prescription fulfillment. Additionally, unlike other eye clinics, Oculus Eyecare's collection of designer lenses is not mass-produced and is crafted by skilled artisans in order to ensure quality, comfort, and durability.

Affordable & Efficient Comprehensive Eye Exams

Great eye care starts with regular eye exams. Take the first step and schedule an eye appointment today to experience confidence and clear vision. We offer a wide selection of designer eyewear and sunglasses that prioritize comfort, style, and quality.

We focus on giving our patients the best service they could ask for in all facets of eye care.

Contact lenses. Existing patients can order contacts online here.

Expert frame and lens consultations. Our on-site lab and team of talented opticians make frame adjustments and repairs a breeze.

On-site optometrist. Dr. Jeff Woerner, OD, and Dr. Michelle Antonucci, OD, are experts in the eyecare field. Dr. Woerner founded Oculus Eyecare in 2013 and has since used his passion and knowledge in eyecare to serve the Seattle area and local community for over 10 years. Click here to schedule an exam or vision test for glasses, contacts, general eye health, or digital retinal imaging.

Designer frames and lenses. Our carefully curated collection is created by independent artisans from around the world. We consistently research and source the latest eyewear to ensure our patients always have access to unique, high-quality frames.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I have an annual eye exam?

You should have an eye test every one or two years. This depends on your age and other risk factors. If you have any vision-related conditions, you should come into our optometry eye clinic to address today to address concerns about your eye health.

Q: Can I get my glasses or contact lenses on the same day?

We have an on-site lab and eye specialist that allows for the same-day delivery of certain prescriptions.

After your eyeglass or contact lens exam, feel free to try on frames to get a feel for what fits you best. If you're at a loss, our talented opticians and friendly staff can assist you with fit, design, and shape.

We carry a wide range of designer eyeglasses and frames from independent brands like Jacques Marie Mage, Mykita, Anne et Valentin, and Eyevan. Our carefully curated collection features high-quality glasses that are made with the best materials without compromise.

Q: What should I bring to my optical exams?

Bring your questions and curiosity! If you have any current prescriptions, feel free to bring those along as well. Bring information on your vision insurance as well or any insurance questions you might have.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most major insurance plans (VSP Vision Care, etc.). Please contact our office for specifics.


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Browse our curated collection of handmade eyewear from the best independent designers around the world at our office located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood or online. Our friendly team of optometrists and opticians are happy to help with all of your eye care and glasses needs.


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