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Your personal style shouldn't be restricted by your eyewear. New frames can make a real difference in how you see the world and how the world sees you. From Jacques Marie Mage to Evevan, our optical store carries an expansive collection of designer glasses frames and eyewear meant to set you free.

Our designer brands are built on attention to detail and high-quality materials without compromise. After your eye exam, you can choose from designer products the same day to find the perfect frame for you and your unique style.

Designer Frames & Trendy Glasses

At Oculus Eyecare, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding and appreciation of high-quality designer eyewear. We curate our selection of eyeglasses from small, independent, design-driven brands like Jacques Marie Mage, Mykita, and Anne et Valentin.

Our customers praise the comfort and durability of our designer frames. We have something for everyone, regardless of your vision needs. For those who work long hours, the lightweight construction of our ic! Berlin Frames is ideal. On the other hand, the timeless designs of Jacques Marie Mage are perfect for fashion-forward individuals.

Almost all our staff members wear multiple pairs of eyeglasses every day. Our head optometrist wears computer progressive lenses for work, full progressive lenses for driving, sport-specific prescription cycling glasses for a bike commute, and even more.

With a focus on style and functionality, our timeless brands complement any wardrobe and personality. Unlike mass-produced eyewear, our curated collection of designer eyeglasses lasts a lifetime.

Designer Glasses & Eyeglasses in Seattle

You deserve to indulge in the latest trends and fashion crazes without constraint. Pair your new glasses with stylish frames to create the perfect everyday accessory. Finding the right frames shouldn't be a challenge—with a large variety to choose from, we make the decision simple.

Our exclusive collection of designer frames and prescription eyeglasses can help you unlock a new realm of self-expression. Our large selection of high-quality frames features modern, durable, and personalizable items that can satisfy your specific needs.

Additionally, our optical shop specializes in lens treatments so that you can protect and preserve your eyewear from what you see and even what you don't. From scratches to ultraviolet rays, a lens treatment can make a real difference in the way you see the world.

Unique Frames & Lens Styles

Our prescription lenses are sourced from the best manufacturers and use the latest technology. Our mission is to help new clients and current patients find the best fit. We also consider constant customer feedback to drive ongoing improvements.

We rigorously test each pair of glasses in our collection to ensure they meet the highest standards. Plus, our customers and clients consistently report excellent comfort and clarity with our eyeglass frames, highlighting superior lens technology and exceptional materials.

For example, our Rudy Project designer sunglasses have been proven to withstand the elements and outdoor activities like hiking, running, and snow sports. For those living a life on the edge, Rudy Project lenses are ideal. But that's not all we offer.

We categorize our products into use-case scenarios to help you find the perfect frame. For the minimalist, we have the comfortable designs of Eyevan 7285. For vibrancy, go with a colorful Ørgreen Optics frame.

It's time for you to uncover the product that will improve your quality of life, enhance your lifestyle, and elevate your style. It may seem like a tall order, but that's the power of the perfect frames.

Eyeglass Basics Eyeglasses Reign Over Contact Lenses

Despite the presence of contact lenses and vision correction surgery, optical glasses are more popular than ever today. Even if you're blessed to have 20/20 vision, it's important to go in regularly for comprehensive eye exams to maintain your eye health.

Visit our website to buy our glasses frames for women and men online, or visit out Seattle-based clinic during working hours to update your current prescription, explore frame styles, and learn more about the importance of eye care. From polarized prescription sunglasses to designer reading glasses, we have it all and more.


Something special for your vision and the way you look

We carry a wide variety of independent eyewear brands at Oculus Eyecare. Our inventory focuses on top-quality frames handmade by artisans from around the world using premium materials.

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Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage produces limited-edition artisanal eyewear in Japan, combining precious metals, historical motifs, and a modern sensibility. The aesthetic is strong, bold, and timeless.

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Barton Perreira

Barton Perreira delivers unprecedented eyewear design. Every elegant frame is handmade in Japan by highly skilled artisans and every detail underscores finish, feel, and fit.

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Based in Campinas, Brazil, LAPIMA offers handcrafted eyewear in a unique variety of shapes and a diverse color palatte that includes eclectic, vibrant hues as well as deep, rich earthtones.

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Caroline Abram

Fresh and creative interpretations of classic French eyewear, Caroline Abram products are designed and handmade with care. Whether vintage-mod or fashion-forward frames, all are created to make wearers feel beautiful and chic.

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Eyevan 7285

Eyevan 7285 is designed and crafted with Japanese artisan techniques. Its minimalist lines were inspired by concepts such as 1940s French cutlery, 1970s eye-test equipment, and patterns from old Japanese temples.

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ic! berlin

ic! berlin is a screw-less, sheet-metal eyewear line, designed and handmade in Berlin. These sturdy featherlight frames are made of stainless steel, acetate, and rubber, with modern, classic, industrial, or trending looks.

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Native Sons

Native Sons products are handmade in Sabae, Japan using custom made hardware and premium TAKIRON cellulose-based acetate for unparalleled luster and quality. Their designs are inspired by nature, travel, and adventure.

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Based in Copenhagen, Ørgreen Optics is known for their innovative use of color and for their size variety. Their frames are made in Japan using durable, lightweight titanium.

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Anne et Valentin

The iconic, Made In France brand conveys playfulness in its designs with graphic color blocking and bold shapes.


Creating glasses with zeitgeist appeal, Mykita of Germany uses quality materials in its elevated handmade eyewear. It offers unusual lightweight comfort with a modern, refined aesthetic.

Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight California Optical is all about contemporary and vintage-inspired designs. Casual with clean lines, their collections summon up California and its icons.


With five generations of excellence behind it, MOSCOT New York is an eyewear institution. Their “downtown” eyewear reflects classic New York with lines and colors that are easy to accessorize.

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf Eyewear is designed and made by hand in Austria, producing classic eyewear that is expressive, often unconventional, and eminently comfortable.


Created with nature in mind, this handsome line is crafted with care from sustainably harvested bolivar and kauri wood near Bergamo, Italy. Bespoke designs that make a statement for beauty as well as preserving natural resources.

Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona conveys a century of one family’s passion for eyewear. With designs inspired by great artists and photographers, its collections feature smart colors, cool patterns, and a lightweight feel.

Specialty & Athletic Brands


Vuarnet sunglasses, made in France since 1957, make the best mineral glass and polarized sunglasses around. If you crave eye protection with Riviera style, these are for you. Their designs are classic yet modern, with that French je ne sais quois.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project makes high-end sunglasses and prescription sunglasses for rugged activities like cycling, hiking, running, and snow sports. Handmade in Italy, they have wide prescription parameter availability.


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