Oculus Eyecare Hosts Popular Commuter Station for the Local Cycling Community on Bike Everywhere Day

Seattle, Washington — Oculus Eyecare, a premier eye care clinic and optometry practice based in Seattle, hosted a commuter station for bicyclists on Bike Everywhere Day, which took place on May 17, 2024. Located conveniently on Dexter Avenue, the event drew in cycling enthusiasts from across the city. The clinic staff handed out delicious donuts and steaming cups of coffee to morning commuters, adding a sweet and energizing start to their day. The highlight of the event was a drawing for a stylish pair of Rudy Project glasses, which visitors were able to enter in for.

Bike Everywhere Day, organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club, is a much-anticipated annual celebration promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. Oculus Eyecare has been a proud participant for ten years. 

It’s not just the local community that enjoys Bike Everywhere Day - even Dr. Jeff Woerner of Oculus Eyecare commutes to work on bicycle every day.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of Bike Everywhere Day once again,” said Dr. Woerner, lead optometrist at Oculus Eyecare. “This event is one of my favorites each year because it combines two things I am passionate about: cycling and community. It’s wonderful to see so many cyclists stop by, share their experiences, and learn about the benefits of corrective eyewear for their rides.”

Dr. Woerner, an avid cyclist himself, commutes daily to the clinic by bike. In 2024 alone, he logged an impressive 1,150 miles with an elevation gain of 72,000 feet. His commitment to cycling is a testament to the health benefits that cycling offers. 

“Often, cyclists don’t realize the impact that specialized eyewear can have on their performance and safety,” noted Dr. Woerner. “Proper eyewear not only corrects vision but also protects against wind, dust, and sun, which is especially important for cyclists.”

The booth featured an array of Rudy Project eyewear, known for its innovative design and superior optical performance. Cyclists had the opportunity to try on various models and receive personalized consultations from the clinic’s opticians. This hands-on experience allowed many to understand the importance of protective and corrective lenses in cycling, leading to informed decisions about their eye care needs.

The Benedict from Anne & Valentin features a chic pairing of brushed rose gold and matte-painted rims—just one of the many frames available at Oculus Eyecare.

Oculus Eyecare is a full-service optometry practice located in Seattle, WA, known for its friendly team of experienced and dedicated optometrists and opticians. The clinic offers comprehensive eye exams, a wide selection of designer eyewear, and specialized services to ensure patients receive the best possible care. Oculus Eyecare is committed to enhancing the way patients see the world, one pair of glasses at a time.

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