Join Bike Everywhere Day @ Oculus Eyecare

Are you ready to pedal your way to a healthier and more sustainable commute? Tomorrow is Cascade Bicycle Club's annual Bike Everywhere Day and Oculus Eyecare is proud to be participating! 

When: Friday May 19th, 7AM-9AM
Where: 740 Denny Way, our Celebration Station will be set upon Dexter Avenue, just outside our showroom

  1. Healthy Commuting: Bike to Work Day is an exciting initiative that promotes the benefits of cycling as a mode of transportation. By participating, you not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also improve your physical fitness and mental well-being. Join us at Oculus Eyecare to celebrate this sustainable commute option and learn more about the positive impact it can have on your daily life.

  2. Celebration Station: Our Celebration Station will be a place where riders can gather, share experiences, and enjoy coffee and a donut. Swing by on your way to work!

  3. Rudy Project Giveaway: As a proud participant of Bike Everywhere Day, Oculus Eyecare has partnered with Rudy Project, a leading sports eyewear brand. Cyclists will have the chance to win a Rudy Project Rydon cycling sunglasses that not only provide exceptional eye protection but also enhance your performance on the road. Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your cycling gear and ride in style!

  4. Expert Advice and Services: At Oculus Eyecare, we understand the importance of clear vision and eye safety for cyclists. Our team of experienced optometrists and eyewear specialists will be on-site, providing valuable advice on eye care and the importance of proper eyewear for cycling. Whether you have questions about prescription cycling lenses, optimal lens tints, or need a comprehensive eye exam, our experts are here to help.

  5. Community and Networking: The Bike Everywhere Day Celebration Station is not just about cycling; it's also an opportunity to connect with fellow riders, share stories, and build a stronger cycling community. Exchange tips, discover new routes, and forge new friendships with like-minded individuals who share your passion for two-wheeled transportation.

Mark your calendars, grab your helmet, and join us at Oculus Eyecare for a memorable Bike to Work Day Celebration Station and Rudy Project Giveaway. Experience the joy of cycling, celebrate sustainable commuting, and take advantage of the chance to win top-of-the-line Rudy Project cycling sunglasses. Don't forget to bring your enthusiasm, and let's pedal our way towards a greener future together!


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